7 Counts Murder

24 Months in Jail

Mr. Millikan moved to Gainesville in 1972 and was in partnership with other lawyers until he established his own law firm in 1980. In the 70's he was appointed to represent a man charged with seven counts of murder which the jury reduced to seven misdemeanor manslaughter offenses, of which the Appellate Court reversed five, leaving a sentence of only 24 months in prison.

$720,000 Verdict

In 1984 Mr. Millikan secured, what at the time was one of the largest verdicts ever in Gwinnett County, a $720,000 verdict for a man whose arm had been run over by a boat.

Fatality DUI

Not Guilty

DOT at Fault

A short time afterwards, he successfully defended a man charged with DUI and vehicular homicide, (a not guilty verdict), proving that the posted speed limit was too high to allow a driver to safely drive around a curve, and that the drinking had not caused or contributed to the collision or the death of the other driver. (The DOT then reduced the speed limit from 40 to 25.)