About Me


Troy Millikan, a Savannah native, is an enthusiastic trial lawyer. He attended the University of Georgia Undergraduate and Law School obtaining two degrees in six years. He practiced law in Atlanta until 1972, where he also taught Business Law at Atlanta Law School and was elected to the Executive Board of the State Bar Younger Lawyers section. Mr. Millikan moved to Gainesville in 1972 and was in partnership with other lawyers until he established his own law firm in 1980. His law office is located near the downtown area of Gainesville, Georgia.

Mr. Millikan says, Trial practice and college football have numerous things in common; the necessity for thorough preparation, clever strategy, and intense and focused execution of a well thought out battle plan. I enjoy the challenge and competitive nature of each endeavor and hope to continue participating in trials and watching Georgia football for many years to come.”

Mr. Millikan’s Association with the University of Georgia

While at the University of Georgia, Mr. Millikan was sports editor of the Pandora Yearbook. And upon learning that Vince Dooley was selected as the head football coach, he placed in the Pandora a prophecy, "Dawn of a New Era." Fortunately, for Troy and other Bulldog fans, his prophecy proved true as the greatest era of Georgia football (before Kirby Smart) began with the coaching career of Vince Dooley. After Dooley, Mr. Millikan welcomed the new coach, Donnan, with a bumper sticker "A NEW DAY'S DONNAN." He later celebrated the success of Coach Mark Richt with a Bumper sticker, "THERE IS NO QUIT IN THE DAWGS OF RICHT," and a letter to the editor which praised the character and mentor abilities of the coach.

The Lawyer Talks

When Mr. Millikan was asked to explain his success in court he responded as follows:

"To be honest, I don't regard them as my wins, I regard it as a victory for the system."

Justice Must Prevail!

In jury trials, the jury wants to do the right things to be fair and render a verdict which is from the heart and from the mind. From the technical side, you must present credible witnesses who tell a believable story and then produce other evidence to support and corroborate their

testimony. Mr. Millikan says, “That's like putting men on base, but to score you must get them home. To do that you must make them care about your client and the effect of the verdict on their life. Neither injustice nor ill-fortune should destroy the lives of good people."